Leverate Culture Pulse - March 2024

Written by Auliya Adriana

Leverate Group

Takjil War for Everyone

Ramadan is one of the major celebrations in Indonesia. In the evenings, it's common for Indonesian Muslims to go out and grab bites, or takjil, to break their fast. What makes this year unique is that Indonesians from all religions join in on this excitement, creating the trend of the "Takjil war”. Moreover, they were very enthusiastic about the "Takjil War"; they even intentionally wore and cosplayed with attributes that made them look like Muslim buyers. Instead of conflicting with each other, this "Takjil War" creates warm and mutual tolerance in a fun festivity among Indonesians.


What’s the insight?

  • The inclusivity of Indonesians extends to their desire to be part of any celebration. They love to be involved, joining the hype, and bridging divides across different religions.

How can brands tap in?

Looking for the opportunity in any festivity. Tap into moments that are enjoyed by many audiences and identify how the joy of this moment can be inclusive to all, while also riding on the trending moment.

The Brands That Blend 


There are the latest brand collaborations that happened during this recent Ramadan, where it's unlikely to happen: four brands from different industries collaborate into one TVC. It shows how those brands with different Unique Selling Point (USP), can complement each other during one festive moments. It makes people wonder and also salute that despite competing in the market, they engage in collaboration relate to ramadan moments that supposed to be warm in togetherness. People also make conversation about their curiosity on the behind the scenes of all four brands can do the collaboration.


What’s the insight?

  • Indonesians are conflict-averse; they love to see themselves engaged in mutual cooperation. They cherish togetherness regardless of the different backgrounds and interests. They willing to delve deeper into things related to it.

How can brands tap in?

Indonesia, with its diversity, is connected through togetherness. Cross-industry collaborations might reach a wider audience from different demographic and psychographic backgrounds who could potentially become consumers of the brand.

Mom’s-Gang Supremacy


Mom communities are nothing new in Indonesia, but this Ramadan, they’ve taken things even further. The latest mom’s-gang trend involves wearing matching leopard-print prayer gowns, or mukenas, in a bold display of their community pride. These incidents quickly buzzed among netizens and are one of the most talked-about topics this Ramadan. The leopard-print prayer gowns were even worn by the cast of one of the reality shows on Indonesian TV, namely 'Lapor Pak'. In one scene, Kiki Saputri, Ayu Ting Ting, and Hesti Purwadinata wear the same leopard-print prayer gown together.


What’s the insight?

  • The "mom's gang" often sparks conversations among netizens due to their identical one-tone outfits and unapologetically bold behavior.
  • They don’t seem exclusivity, but rather desire to showcase community pride and demonstrate how close-knit they are.

How can brands tap in?

Embrace Indonesia's collectivist culture by facilitating community-centric experiences such as through personalized group packages. Collaborate with the "mom's gang" persona to stage a spectacle that sparks conversations across generations.