Back to the Roots

Indonesia and Its High-Context Cultural Influence on Health Consumers.

Written by Reza Dewantara, Meidina Rizki, Auliya Adriana

Leverate Group

Online survey, 84 Respondents (2022) In-Depth Interview, 12 Respondents (2022)


As a civilization with a long history of herbal medicines, Indonesians are always highly reliant on natural remedies inherited through ancestral wisdom from diverse of ethnic and cultures. And as a country that upholds collectivism, Indonesians maintain their strong sense of tradition and are proud of their heritage. Their preference towards herbal remedies is the result of the habit inherited from generations.

However, Indonesians are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of vitamin supplements produced by modern technology using fortified artificial ingredients. They use it as a preventive measure against sickness and to maintain their health. However, when they lose productivity from diseases, they'll prioritize choosing a fast-acting pharmaceutical medicine that is easier to find. So, while they are practical as health consumers, many still choose products with the least amount of side effects, just as herbal remedies are widely perceived.

Nevertheless, while most have started to trust modern health products, they tend to be more influenced by their elders, such as their parents, when it comes to it. Consumer health brands should try to stay relevant to all generations.

1. When it comes to favorites, Imboost is their go-to herbal remedy. 

8 of 12 respondents use Imboost as their chosen supplement to prevent or cure sickness. It is highly due to how Imboost is known as an herbal remedy with natural ingredients. In addition, they also seek products with fewer side effects (47.6%) which is how herbal remedies are perceived.

2. More of them have acknowledged the importance of modern supplements.

Although all respondents have already consumed vitamin supplements, only 5 out of 12 consume them daily. Meanwhile, many only reach for it when they begin to feel unwell. 

3. They are highly pragmatic in staying healthy to stay productive.Immediate effect (71.4%) and easy to find (53.6%) are the most important factors when they choose medicine since they prioritize faster recovery (65.5%) and efficiency (to go back to work) (39.3%) as their main drivers to take medication.

4. Yet, they are still heavily influenced by their family when choosing medicine.

7 of 12 respondents claim that they are influenced by or seeking suggestions from their parents when choosing health products/brands since most Indonesians are easily influenced and are always looking up to their family, especially elders, as their trusted source of recommendation.