Full Funnel Digital Paid Campaign for Ariston

Full Funnel Digital Paid Campaign for Ariston


Ariston, as a brand that provides the most wide and complete variety of water heater in Indonesia, aims to strengthen its presence in the digital in order to reach the objectives in 2022. The objectives is to expand market penetration & awareness, sustain brand image and drive audience to purchase. 


  • Through cross-channel platforms such as Google, YouTube and TikTok Leverate boosted and increase the website traffic, number of impressions, and video views of Ariston.
  • Leverate created the closest audience by segmenting to gender, age, and location in order to be relevant to the audience. We targeting nationwide within the age 20-55, and with interest in Water heater, Home Appliances, Family, Parenting, Lifestyle, Competitors, Entertainment, Mother & Kids.


> 160% of KPI for SEM Clicks

We divided keywords into 5 campaigns and most of result came from generic keyword. SEM has achieved 4,062 clicks and 8.39% CTR within 8 days period.

>195% of KPI for YouTube TrueView

Received 690,878 video views and 37.63% view rate. 

>317.41% of KPI for TikTok

Achieved the KPI with 6,612,626 impressions and generated 6,178,578 video views throughout the period of the campaign.

>100% of KPI for all campaign 

10 times overachieve the KPI given by the client - in each metric for overall campaign