Search Engine Advertising

Google Search continues to be the most efficient and important channel for most of our clients. Many industries are exposed to immense competition in the so-called “keywords” (eg. insurance, banks, travel), but the high lead quality in search engine marketing is difficult to achieve with other channels – despite the high costs sometimes.

As a rule, search advertising can not achieve ambitious growth and branding goals on its own and is limited by search volume and competition. The interaction with brand-building channels such as TV, Print, Out of Home or Display Ads achieves the best and most efficient results.

Nevertheless, Leverate recommends that search engine marketing as the basis for all advertising activities be set up and continuously optimized in a clean and coordinated manner aligned with other advertising efforts. Especially when investing in the brand, the search volume will increase significantly and the chances to convert a lead or prospect will rise.

Leverate uses state-of-the-art bidding tools for Google and Yahoo, two search engines that are highly relevant in SEA and offers a free review of clients previous activities before launching a campaign.

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