Display & Programmatic Advertising

DISPLAY ADVERTISING – Display advertising is a type of online advertising in the form of banner ads, responsive ads, and rich media ads. It primarily relies on images but can also take the form of audio, video, and text to communicate to its audience. Google display network, more commonly known as GDN is one of the most well-known display advertising platforms across the globe. Other examples include Bing display and Yahoo display. Leverate has vast experience in dealing with all of the aforementioned display networks and more.

PROGRAMMATIC – Classic banner advertising today has a tough time. Ad Blockers are gaining more and more importance and banner blindness is increasing. Programmatic advertising offers the opportunity to take display advertising to the next level by making use of powerful real-time bidding (RTB) mechanisms. DoubleClick allows us to access highly specific and targeted environments and to spread the advertising message with a strong branding effect. We also use DoubleClick as a re-targeting tool for better results than traditional solutions.

CONTENT MARKETING – Smart formats such as content marketing (via networks like Taboola, Outbrain) and native advertising are a great and intelligent way to place new, complex products and developments at the user’s fingertips – in environments that fit and are relevant to the audience; often people who can not be reached via the social media channels.

Leverate does not only support when setting up campaigns, our copywriters are also happy to help with content creation and optimization.

DIRECT PLACEMENTS – Leverate is also an experienced partner in traditional display advertising on all relevant online media houses or marketers in Indonesia and SEA. We know exactly which placements are suitable for which goals and which conditions can be realized maximally.

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