Uber Encouraging Social Movement & Viral Effect

Leverate Group


In September 2015, UBER Indonesia faced a difficult situation when they were banned by Organda (Organisasi Angkutan Darat) due to it’s legal status and business model. The Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahja Purnama, then gave UBER a chance to stay if UBER can collect 5,000 online petitions from Jakarta citizens.


Leverate managed #SAVEUBER and #WHYIUBER campaign to encourage support from big cities citizens. We utilize Twitter as the direct response channel and ability to amplify the campaign into more viral effect, reaching as many support as possible to retain UBER in Indonesia.


There were more than 1 millions impression within a week with up to 0.8% CTR. The campaign then continued in December with objective of audience engagement in Jakarta & Bali. We were able to achieve up to 6.8% engagement rate for retweet, reply, and likes.