KOL Campaign for LITA APP

Leverate Group


Lita Apps provide a leading social gaming app service for users to have like minded game mates to play games together with voice chat. Lita covers various kinds of games including Mobile Legend , PUBG , Free Fire, Call of Duty , LOL , Valorent and more. In Indonesia, more than 600,000 game players use Lita. Through this KOL campaign, Lita aim to introduce our services to the public and reach more people in the Indonesia.


  • Create more awareness of Lita E-player concepts to crowds, accomplish users to find like-minded game mates.


  • On Youtube, Zan Films generated a total of 578.2K impressions, 73 shares, and 80.8K views and the total viewers increased day-by-day. This consistency means that the audiences are interested in the video.
  • On Instagram, Magic Nonik achieved an Engagement Rate of 14.4% and generated a total of 506 comments. Most of the audiences gave positive comments regarding the content, some audiences asking about lita, and adoring Magic Nonik’s persona.