Al Ajamy

Leverate Group


When it comes to shisha, Al Ajamy is a hidden gem that deserves more recognition. Our task was to raise awareness of this fine shisha brand among the shisha enthusiasts of Jakarta and Bali through compelling and engaging visuals on social media.


  • We leveraged the power of social media to create a strong creative output that would grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Our starting point was the unique variants of Al Ajamy and the creative team unleashed a boundless exercise of design prowess that at the same time was also on-brand and consumer-centric.

  • Inspired by the unique variants and the consumer insights about the Al Ajamy experience, our team created a visual design series that evoke a sense of adventure and discovery in the world of Al Ajami.


  • A bold and much talked about visual storytelling series that made the Al Ajamy stand out in their social media design